Is your Website Mobile-Friendly?

We demand quicker, faster access to the who, why, where and how. The reality that no?business can afford to ignore ??more than a billion people primarily access the Web from mobile devices (2014).

Below is?a snapshot I complied from?a beautifully responsive website infographic created by the talented?XiMnet Malaysia. It?takes a look at how mobile usage will?impact businesses?without a mobile, with the stats elegantly animating as you scroll down.

Click on the?infographic below to?view?the full animated site.


The facts:

47% of users feel frustrated and upset when they browse a website with a poor mobile interface.

52% of users are less likely to engage a brand with bad mobile browsing experience.

79% of users will not return to the website if they didn?t find what they were looking for.

61%?will leave immediately if a website is not mobile-friendly and move on to another site.

With 7 billion people worldwide, 4?billion owns a toothbrush.?5 billion owns a cell phone.

75%?of smartphone owners get directions and local business information.

30%?of searches carried out on a desktop lead to action within 1 month.


70%?of searches carried out on mobiles lead to action within?1 hour.

View?the full animated site here.

Andy Fuller
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