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If you’re an inspired designer or student wanting to get your teeth into a creative project that may get you some publicity, a great portfolio piece and the chance to win €10,000 then read on…

Infiniti, the luxury performance automotive brand have collaborated with designboom to look for the best creative talent to showcase their new line of cars across the world.

The first stage of the competition, based on the theme “Inspired Performance” saw over 500 registrations from 72 countries through Eastern Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. The jury looked for cues from Infiniti’s model range and brand DNA, but that also showed the artistic and dynamic elements of the marque’s global brand partnerships such as Cirque du Soleil.

6 finalists were chosen and their project was installed at several showroom opening events in cities across Europe. The winning designer with the most votes was Shinji Nukumi and his artwork, entitled ‘Infiniti Passion’ was a design composed of a series of eye-catching projections on to an Infiniti G Coupé model, which focused on the ‘inner’ dimensions of the car in order to be able to see the potential of the marque. The video shows different elements ‘poured’ into the car, from water to stone and does look stunning:

The next stage of the competition is called “Curved Visions” and is open to applicants worldwide. You’ll be asked to design a memorable experience via spectacular or interactive digital artworks or performance, to be displayed in the new showrooms INFINITI are opening throughout Europe. It will be based around the theme’ “the perfect line is a curve”

“…design an unforgettable experience that can be generated through a digital artwork, interior installation piece, or unique performance”

You can submit your artwork through a variety of mediums including images or video, live performances, sculpture, 3D mapping and also interactive art pieces that work with Microsoft Kinect.

Read through the details over at designboom and download loads of hi-res logos and car imagery to use in your designs:

There’s not much time to enter, so get your creative juices flowing as the deadline for entries is July 10th, 2012.

Register through designboom,

If you have registered, submit your entry here:

Best of luck if you’re entering – and even if you’re not chosen, you’ll still have a well-known brand design in your portfolio!

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Infiniti Curved Vision


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