Hightail: Explaining the new name for YouSendIt

Yousendit changed their name and rebranded to ‘Hightail’.

Without an explanation, the name change doesn’t make any sense to existing users of the service and is very American-centric and strange? (Let’s ‘hightail’ it outta here! With an image of the Coyote running off the canyon and falling with a little cloud as he hits the bottom).

But after the video explanation, they really try to provide a great insight into why they rebranded. The reasons are to prepare them for strong competition from other similar providers. (The question is, do you have to have a deep explanation for every company rebrand that has a subjective new name?)

Looking at their new website with fresh eyes, I think it’s a great brand overall and their proposition is clear and strong. Let’s see if the Hightail name becomes a new word or term…



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