Yousendit changed their name and rebranded to ‘Hightail’.

Without an explanation, the name change doesn’t make any sense to existing users of the service and is very American-centric and strange? (Let’s ‘hightail’ it outta here! With an image of the Coyote running off the canyon and falling with a little cloud as he hits the bottom).

But after the video explanation, they really try to provide a great insight into why they rebranded. The reasons are to prepare them for strong competition from other similar providers. (The question is, do you have to have a deep explanation for every company rebrand that has a subjective new name?)

Looking at their new website with fresh eyes, I think it’s a great brand overall and their proposition is clear and strong. Let’s see if the Hightail name becomes a new word or term…



Andy Fuller
Hi, I'm the logo designer, brand strategist and website designer behind Designbull. Passionate on helping creative entrepreneurs launch and grow their brand. I love all things logo, brand and UI/UX ? as well as drumming on my bongos by night :)

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