I have just finished creating another animated gif advertisment for an Intellectual Property Services client, Handsome IP.

Using a video of a lightbulb, I fitted the copy lines:

“Got a new product?

Want to stop others from copying you?

We can help you protect and license your products…”

all along the same timeframes as when the bulb comes on and off.

It was a success and created an increase in enquiries to their site.
About Handsome IP:

Handsome IP are a full-service Patent Attorney firm based in Bath and Exeter in the South West of the UK, and only 45 minutes from the UK Patent Office. However, they deal with clients in various locations nationally and internationally and are prepared to travel, within reason, to meet you at a mutually convenient location.

They are able to provide services for the UK, European and International IP legal systems, and, via our trusted contacts overseas, IP systems in all other countries and regions in the world.

Handsome IP offers a full range of professional, competitively-priced patent and trademark services covering inventions, intellectual property, innovations, copyright and design.






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