SERVICES: Roadmapping, Strategy, App UI/UX design and prototype development

Working together

The client are a successful relocation company with a network of destination consultants on the ground in over 150 cities spanning 50 countries across the globe. They tasked us with refreshing their branding and updating their online presence and turning it into an easy to use digital product.

We looked at their existing city guides and how they were laid out and created working design previews to test and demo the application with the client.

?We chose Designbull as they had a deep understanding of how we work and our process. As our team are located around the globe, it is difficult to communicate, but Andy and his team spoke to all the team and created clear, interactive prototypes that were easily understood so we were all on board.?

Engaged and informed

We both agreed that keeping users engaged and informed was key. We designed initial wireframes to map out every important interaction a user was likely to experience, creating intuitive connections and sleek ways of displaying crucial information.

Design that works

Importantly, the developers were involved right through the design process, so only designs that would really work made it through. Also it made sense that the GT2go city guide app and the main corporate website could be integrated into one modular application. All the data was kept on one database for easier control and integration for future growth.

The result?

We can bring innovative technological ideas that help you sell the value of a brand and digital project within an organisation.

Richard Tyrrell, Vice President, Research & Development, GT Global siad:

?Their innovation and expertise helped us convince our team to integrate both the corporate website and GT2go into one modular application. This consolidation hugely reduced the project cost and time. We have now launched our new website services, with great feedback from our staff and their assignees on ease of use and it?s consistent branding. It has also been a launchpad to promote and sell our other services to clients and partners.?

I?m pleased to reveal this design project to the Designbull?portfolio!