What happens when you’ve got your new, shiny logo? How do you use it? Will you stretch it across your proposal document?

Doesn’t sound very professional, does it?

A clear set of guidelines will help you use your logo in the best light, with consistent colours and typeface styles that compliment your new identity and logo

This sets the foundations for a strong brand that will really raise your business, stand out from the crowd, and look like you know what you’re doing!

Brand and Logo Guidelines

On completion of a logo design, the creation of a set of logo or brand guidelines are a really useful tool to help your brand looking clear and consistent so it matches all your design and marketing materials.

In essence, they are a list of easy to follow rules and design ‘guidelines’ in how to use your new logo identity. From logo spacing, colour specifications, fonts, and guideline designs. These can then be given to any designer or supplier to apply a design.

Depending on the needs of a business, it can be a simple one-page logo guideline or a full set of brand guidelines that can include your ‘tone of voice’, photography and illustration styles.

For small businesses and startups, I have been using this particular template for Brand and Logo Guidelines that is part of my Logo Design Package. It’s sent to clients along with all the logo files upon completion of a project.

The Brand and Logo Guidelines Template


For this Brand and Logo Guidelines I have used a previous client, Quickmove Removals and their logo identity system as an example. I have kept Quickmove Removals’ logo in place so you can replace with your own logo design and specifications. The content in this template was inspired by a fellow logo designer, Graham Smith who has a great brand guidelines template here.

Feel free to update the fonts, colours and replace the logo and design files with your own designs, but please note that the Quickmove Removals logo identity is a copyrighted client logo design, so please don’t use this for any commercial use.

Do let me know your comments and feedback below on how this Brand and Logo Guidelines Template could be improved further for future use?

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Download and start using the template now!

The Brand and Logo Guidelines Template is a ZIP file that includes: Adobe Illustrator template file  (.ait without embedded fonts), and a PDF (.pdf with embedded fonts).

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