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The Brand Foundations My Clients Use For a Successful Brand

This video is just part of a longer presentation that I’ve created for an upcoming webinar that goes into the five steps on how to build a successful brand. I’m talking about two of the most important brand foundations my clients use to create a successful brand that builds authority and attracts your ideal clients.  These […]

Design a prototype mobile app from idea to final design

Have you ever wondered how that app on your phone was designed? Or have you ever thought about having a go at designing an app yourself? So if you have an idea for an app and are struggling to explain it to people, spend a few minutes reading this article and have a go yourself 🙂 — I’m […]

What does a UX/UI designer do anyway?

When I first read about the definition of the term ‘UX/UI’ means, I realised that it’s what I’ve been mostly doing all along these past few years. I just didn’t know it was a defined role.

Is your Website Mobile-Friendly? [Infographic]

Is your Website Mobile-Friendly? We demand quicker, faster access to the who, why, where and how. The reality that no business can afford to ignore – more than a billion people primarily access the Web from mobile devices (2014). Below is a snapshot I complied from a beautifully responsive website infographic created by the talented XiMnet Malaysia. It takes a look […]

Has your website caught up with your customers yet?

The latest statistical bulletin on the use of the Internet by adults in Great Britain was published by the Office for National Statistics in February 2012. The results are quite striking. According to the bulletin:

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