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3 ways good design can help you sell more

Spending money to work with an expert graphic designer can seem like a frivolity, especially to smaller businesses where there just isn’t much of it. This is because people often can’t see any cause and effect between what your company looks like, and how much you sell.

Brand awareness starts from a young age

I wasn’t aware until recently that my two-year-old son Tom can recognise certain brand marks (logos) he sees regularly. For instance, while we were waiting in our GP surgery I was flicking through a local magazine, Tom recognised the Papa John’s logo and shouted “pizza!” – we only treat ourselves to a take away pizza […]

Do you judge a book by its cover design?

I am always on the look out for well-written and beautifully designed children’s books. Some of my happiest moments after becoming a mother are the ones spent reading books to my 21-month-old son.

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