Brejeiro, one of the bands I play latin percussion in, asked me to design their new CD album. (You can have a listen to the album music on .)

The final CD cover and CD on-body design is shown above.

Playing traditional samba and ‘Choro’ music from Brazil and South America, I wanted the album art to reflect the design style from the turn of the century. I also wanted to emulate that rough screen print effect from the dancing lady in the centre of the design.

Inspiration for the CD design came after discovering one of the band members is an avid collector of old matchbox cover art (and he doesn’t even smoke!).

From his South American collection of old matchboxes I ‘carefully’ scanned, high resolution, a selection of these and worked up ideas in Photoshop. Then applied these to the CD artwork template, ready for the printer. (You can have a listen to the album music on .)

Andy Fuller
Hi, I'm the logo designer, brand strategist and website designer behind Designbull. Passionate on helping creative entrepreneurs launch and grow their brand. I love all things logo, brand and UI/UX ? as well as drumming on my bongos by night :)

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