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What can a small business learn from Fitness First’s rebrand?

Last month I talked about Why is emotional appeal central to brand building? This month I delve deeper into how businesses connect with their audience at the emotional level. Fitness First has had a successful update to their brand and as part of the £225m global rebranding are now creating a new online portal to appeal and engage more with […]

dorset cereals. Love the taste, but what’s going on with the copy?

(This is a guest blog by Caroline Wijetunge of Liquid Copy) According to The Guardian’s Peter Bradshaw, watching the film Miss Potter “is like having your face pushed into a bowl of pot-pourri for 90 minutes in a two-star B&B somewhere in Cumbria.”

6 steps to plan your social media strategy

The list of social media platforms available to us is getting longer and longer by the day, just look at this list on Wikipedia. Be it Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, as a user you’re required to put time and resources to build and maintain your profile constantly to stay up to date and relevant.

The 5 Steps to Create a Brand That Attracts