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Is your brand identity working as hard as you are?

We humans can be a pretty judgemental lot; we have very strong ideas about what is or isn’t appropriate in any situation. As we grow up, we learn how to dress, speak and act in a way that will project the specific impression we hope to create. From wearing the tie of your school uniform […]

What can a small business learn from Fitness First’s rebrand?

Last month I talked about Why is emotional appeal central to brand building? This month I delve deeper into how businesses connect with their audience at the emotional level. Fitness First has had a successful update to their brand and as part of the £225m global rebranding are now creating a new online portal to appeal and engage more with […]

dorset cereals. Love the taste, but what’s going on with the copy?

(This is a guest blog by Caroline Wijetunge of Liquid Copy) According to The Guardian’s Peter Bradshaw, watching the film Miss Potter “is like having your face pushed into a bowl of pot-pourri for 90 minutes in a two-star B&B somewhere in Cumbria.”