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Design a prototype mobile app from idea to final design

Have you ever wondered how that app on your phone was designed? Or have you ever thought about having a go at designing an app yourself? So if you have an idea for an app and are struggling to explain it to people, spend a few minutes reading this article and have a go yourself 🙂 — I’m […]

The Power of Icons

What icons are and where they come from, what makes a good icon and what makes a bad icon? How do you go about developing iconography for your, or your client’s brand? I also talked about an area of my specialism, which is the use of icons in interfaces, apps and mobile platforms.

Logo designs and branding styles from Turkey

From banks to shoe shops, convenient stores to furniture stores. And they all have branding to advertise themselves through their signage, packaging or advertising. This year I have noticed that these logos and designs are now catching my eye.

The 5 Steps to Create a Brand That Attracts