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Food typography in logos

Typography in logo design is a fine art and when you combine this with creating lettering out of foodstuff – the results can be quite stunning. The practise of creating food lettering is a popular approach in the design industry and can make your designs eye-catching and more shareable to your audience! All you need is: a room […]

Graphic Design – a good return on your investment?

Working for a variety of businesses with their marketing team to create a variety of graphic design needs, from logo design, website designs, email designs and a few advertising campaigns, I find this question always niggles at the back of my mind: Did they get any good return on their investment?

Get free PR from the Guardian Small Business Network

The Guardian Small Business Network is a dedicated community where you can gain access to best practice resources, expert advice, live Q&As and entrepreneur blogs. They send out regular showcase campaigns for you to enter a story about your small business on a relevant subject.

Brand awareness starts from a young age

I wasn’t aware until recently that my two-year-old son Tom can recognise certain brand marks (logos) he sees regularly. For instance, while we were waiting in our GP surgery I was flicking through a local magazine, Tom recognised the Papa John’s logo and shouted “pizza!” – we only treat ourselves to a take away pizza […]

Infiniti Curved Visions – Designers

If you’re an inspired designer or student wanting to get your teeth into a creative project that may get you some publicity, a great portfolio piece and the chance to win €10,000 then read on…

The 5 Steps to Create a Brand That Attracts